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December 01, 2008



Take care Michele! I would not have found all of the blogs that I adore if it were not for your Meet & Greet.

If anyone is looking for a site similar to Michele's I have a Question of the Day site at www.thatsmyanswer.com

Gene Maudlin

Michele, you are (were?) one of a kind. Your meet and greet did a lot for the blogsphere, and one wonders if anyone will pick up the gautlet. You simple ability to get people to visit other people was a real marvel. Congratulations...for being you.


Adieu! I have too grieved a heart to take a tedious leave.


Blogs hold a very interesting spot in our daily lives. We make blogfriends, some of whom become real friends, and others that just become a regular read. Your blog was one of the first ones I ever found when I started and was always a wonderful resource for new entertainment, though the Meet & Greet and Blog of the Day.
I will miss your blog, and your Michele persona, and if you do begin another blog I hope you will let me know where it is. Come by and visit, and have a wonderful time going forward.

Cori Crooks

Michele! Your blog was one of my favorites! I wish you the best!!

Stephanie Davies

Michele, it was a privilege knowing you and the people who posted on your blog. I know I wasn't as active in the past year as I had been in the past, but I had a LOT of good times here, and met a lot of awesome people. I hope your happiness in life.


It was SO generous of you to share your blog with all of us us the way you did. I had a ball! Thanks, Michele.

david,  tree house man

just looking at all the talent you showcased and promoted makes me proud to be among the players here


Michele: Wishing you safe journeys on cushioned streets. You were one of the first bloggers introduced to me by the amazing Deni Bonet and I wish you all the Happiness in the Universe! My Blog Door is ALWAYS open to you, dear! lol! :)


Goodbye Michele Agnew, and hello to who you really are. And thank you so much for the giggles and wit and sheer silly playground of creativity you provided for so long. I had an absolute ball visiting you. :) You always cracked me up... there's just something so delightfully impish that came through in your games and posts. So thank you for all of that. :) And most esp. a heartfelt thank-you for the comment you made regarding my marriage. :)
PS... just got back from Paris for the very first time... photos galore on the blog... :)

mr. althouse

Miss you...


Netchick isn't the same...

I miss the games!!!!

david - living in the tree house

What a lot of fun sprouted from here. How many blogs can claim that?


So this is what happens when I take a short break. Thanks for being...you.

This site has been a big help in connecting people who normally wouldn't find each other in this mess we call the web and I, for one, am grateful. I'm sure whatever your blogging future holds, we will all be better for it.

Looking forward to seeing you around - eventually.


I'm SO behind! Thanks for making the blog world more fun for all of us.

Best to you! Regards, Nat


I wanted to stop in and say I miss writing "Michele sent me". This blog still brings back good memories for me.


Just checking - you never know.


You could say I'm a bit of a latecomer... What you offered here was a special treat and for me and was a unique experience with blogging, allowing me to "meet" dozens of other bloggers, some of which I'm still regularly in contact with. Thanks for giving us this amazing platform and good luck in all your future endeavours.


I haven't blogged in about 9 months, due to not having internet access and today i posted again! I do hope you will someday do the same and keep us all "in the know" when that time comes!
I've enjoyed many hours here and will miss the visit. Thank you!


Oy, so many blogger dropping out, I did for a little while, but the need to write has driven me back. I hope (for all of us) you come back, too. Highest regards!

P.S. Would love to know when/if you start blogging again.


Wishful thinking I suppose...

Blond Girl

Here I am, late - and shocked. I remember in 05 & 06 when my blog helped me define myself and I spent so much time here, meeting people - a few of whom I still follow and connect with today. I remember the joy of being your site of the day... Then I moved out of state and in the resultant identity crises, let my blog - and my visits to your blog - become sporadic events. Coming here today to find you gone was like going back to my home state only to find that my favorite cafe had closed down. I'll miss you, but I am grateful for the memories. Thank you for being you.


Best regards, rashbre (and I sent myself back here this time)

Nadine Alusik

Michele, I just found you....and find that you are no more. It is end of September 2009
and you certainly touched my heart and my funny bone...good luck and may some of you wear off on me.

Kimberly (MommaK)

How am I just reading this now? You,along with my cousin Meredith, were the reason I began blogging. You were my Fairy Blogmother :)

I'll miss you and would love to keep in touch. xoxo


I all but left blogging a long time ago as well. My site is still there, because on a late night I do like to go back and relive memories of my kids when they were toddlers. Very occasionally I'll post something just for fun. I was going through my blogroll when I caught sight of yours and wondered about you. I just wanted to add my comment here, as I did so many times in the past. Your blog created such a friendly community in the blogging world. Thank you for that! I wish you all the best for whatever life brings you.


Please come back...

Mike Althouse

It's been a year now... feels like a lot longer.


Michele Agnew may not be who you are but she was a special part of the blogging community. I guess what I am trying to say is you are missed. Yes, even after a whole year.


not sure if I commented before now. I really miss you. email me?


I hope you know that there are Meet N Greets out there inspired by you. I REALLY enjoyed doing this activity....you are/were a bright spot in my week. :-) I HOPE LIFE IS GOING WELL FOR YOU,MICHELLE.


It's been literally years since I've been here. This blog was one of the first I ever read, introduced me to a medium with which to expel some of the blah blah that was my day-to-day back then. I hope you are even more amazing today than you were in print. Loves to you!

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Storm Dweller

And it seems, as with so many of the friends I made, my necessary hiatus has left me with yet another dead end in continuing our blogging conversations. I hope, dear friend that things are well for you, as it has been a few years since I have been able to make my way here. Take care.

Storm Dweller
FKA Square1


Happy Birthday, Michele :)
I hope it is a day full of smiles and special people, and maybe a new pair of shoes and a piece of cake or two. Good people deserve good things. :)



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hello again
happy US thanksgiving
i am stil in touch with many of the friends I have met here. for that and many laughs, i thank you. I hope you are doing well
I am caring for my mother, and being cared for by God, so all is good, here in the snow capped mountains I call home.


Happy Holidays. Hope all is well


big changes


Thinking of you today, Michell. Hope all is well.


Caspar? Is that you? I hope all is well in your happyland also!


Oooooh M you read these! Get in touch.

Natalia Muntean

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Michele I miss you, caption this, and meet & greet. You still remain in my thoughts and memories. Take care.


Love your blog :)


Sorry about your friend.

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There are so many people who will miss your writing but we can only hope that one day probably may decide to do start again.


Michele, thinking of you as I miss the old days of blogging (and avoid my homework). I hope all is well!

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