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December 06, 2005


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Yep I can! Who would ever think of this stuff?! I can do it better as a matter of fact, on my other non-dominant hand, weird. Try this one: Cross your arms like you normally do, across your chest. Now try it in reverse with the opposite hand over the top. ha!


Hey! Whaddya know... I'm an ambidextrous snapper. And I can do the hand crossing thing with both hands too. :)

Always knew I was wierd. *grin*


Yes, but I can't snap my fingers on my dominant hand. Well, I CAN, but it's a feeble ghost of a snap.


I can snap my fingers on both hands. In syncopation.


I can snap both hands just fine, but crossing the other way is too weird. This is very interesting!


Yes -- I can do a full-fledged snap with my left (non-dominant) hand, as well as with my right. I also mouse left & right -- has Connie studied this? ;) I made myself learn to lessen the strain on my right hand, which was doing all the mousing. Now, the arm-crossing thing -- that's hard!


Hm... testing, testing...

Yep, both fingers snap! In fact, I'm right handed, but it actually felt a little more natural snapping with my left hand!

Now the arms crossing... I CAN do it both ways, but I like it better with my left arm on top!


Yes, I can snap with both hands. But snapping while simultaneously clicking my heals proves a bit difficult.


Wisconsin Karen

Yes! Yes! Yes! It's amazing!! I'm gifted in that and only that! Thank you for helping me find my true calling!

OldOldLady Of The Hills

No! I cannot...but, maybe atone time I could...But I do not think so. I am right handed and that's the hand that I can snap my fingers on. So, dear Michele, I'm an oddity too, I'm happy to say. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


Yes, we are all pretty much multi-snappish. Connie may have some sort of disability, which might qualify her for a better parking spot or, in this case, special mittens.


Yes, can snap equally with either hands but then I can write with either too.


yup, easily.

Fluke Starbucker


...and with any of my four fingers as the main snapper on either hand.

I can also clap one-handed.


Both hands, equally well.


Of course I can. I guess I'm just a dominating type of person .... oh gosh, that didn't sound the way I'd intended it. LOL!


i can snap on both :)


Yes I can snap the fingers on both hands, and I can snap my middle and ring fingers on both hands too.

If you want to know something really disturbing, I can twiddle my thumbs, and my index fingers, at the same time, in opposite directions. Perhaps I need more productive ways to spend the time.


I can snap with both, but I snap better with my non-dominant (left) hand.


I can on that but not on dominate and thanks to Plumkrazzee i did as she asked and hit myself in the head when had to change over.........ouch


I can snap with both hands, but I'm better with my dominant (right) hand. My husband can snap equally with both, but he's ambidextrous (sp?). He writes with his right hand, but all other activities he uses his left as dominant.


perfectly with both:)


Equally well with both, and I can cross my arms both ways, though the other way than I usually do sure feels odd.


Louder on the dominant hand but audible on the other. Off to the psych ward where my family is bringing me for randomly snapping my fingers at the computer.

Crazy MomCat

Yes, I can. I was a baton twirler in high school and I think that has something to do with my dexterity in the old digits. But, I am mildly embarassed to admit, I don't snap my fingers on the middle/third finger like most. For some reason, I learned to do it on my fourth finger (ring finger) and I can't snap any other way!


Yes, but sadly I can't whistle.


Not only can I snap my fingers on either hand, I can use any finger on either hand to do it! Yes, I am truly talented.


I'm a dual-snapper, as well.
But the arm-crossing thing is ODD.
(I can also do the arm twirl thing a la Bernadette on vintage 1970's ZOOM)


Yes, I can. And I am left handed, so my non-dominant hand is my right.


I can snap with both. And oddly enough, being a righty, snapping with the left feels more natural.

The arm fold thing, while I can do it, I really don't like it the 'other' way. How weird! And it is the same with crossing my legs or sitting indian style...

The cats are looking at me funny, I am going to bed now. :P


I can snap with both, although they are both pretty weak sounds. I also have the same fourth finger snapping problem as CrazyMomCat. Interesting!


MissMeliss: "I can also do the arm twirl thing a la Bernadette on vintage 1970's ZOOM"

Oh my gosh!!!! Me too!!! loved ZOOM!


I can't snap with either hand, which is pretty annoying considering that I play in a wedding band and we do swing music and snapping would be a worthy contribution.


yes, but I don't make a good solid SNAP like some people can


I can do it, yes...but not sure why I'd want to ;)!


i can snap with both, but the non-dominant hand (right) is stronger at it.


Yes, I can.


I can't snap with either hand. :-(


I'm an ambi-snapper, but reverse arm crossing defeates me. However, I can make the "Live long and prosper" sign with both hands, so maybe that makes up for it.



Yes. I can snap with both hands. But, unlike Jugglernaut, I can only do the "Live long and prosper" sign with my non-dominant had. And I can only shoot a Southern(with wings) bird with my non-dominant hand.


I can snap with my non-dominant hand.


Yes, I can. With no problem.


I can snap with both hand but it takes more concentration with my non-dominant hand.


I can snap with both hands but it's a different sound on my non-dom hand. Of course, while trying this I tweaked something in my dom hand. Guess I should have warmed up!


Actually, I snap better with my non-dominant hand. I guess the dominant one is tired!


What makes the sound when I snap my fingers?
Comment to; Connie with either hand.


Weird, I was just searching the internet looking for how odd it is to only be able to snap with one hand and I came across this post. Your friend Connie is very observent. I also am a non-dominant hand only snapper. I try to snap with my right hand and I can only get a whisper of a snap.


This is for Desi mostly...the snap sound is made when your finger hits your palm..and yes you can tell I was bored being I made it all the way to the bottom. For the record since I am here, I can write and draw with both hands, whistle in (hold your bottom lip..for real)and out and I can snap equally well with both hands while hopping on one foot, crossing and uncrossing my arms while doing an indian dance and chewing gum at the same time to boot yet I never mastered the the tongue spit spraying thing. heh


further proving you can find anything by googling...I was curious to see if I was the only one who had the snapping issue-only able on one hand...I guess I am not...
I recently worked with someone who moved the mouse to the non-dominant hand to try to become ambedextrious. That is difficult!
Interesting about the arm crossing-definitely uncomfortable.
Thanks for the fun!

Holly Bee

i can only snap my fingers on my non-dominant hand... weird

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