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January 09, 2005



Hi Michelle... what a generous offer. Let me be the first to help you out.


Hi there Michele. *(*(*hugs*)*)* to you for this. I am only too happy to help.


What a great idea, Michele! You are going to be hit for a one helluva donation judging by the number of people who comment here on a regular basis.

As an added aside, someone told me that the number of people who died in the tsunami disaster is the same number who die of AIDS worldwide every 18 days. Now that's a sobering thought.

fat dude

Here I am. Hi!


Hmm, what a GREAT idea!!!!
If my memory serves me right I came up with it as a permanent side bar on my blog first, wonder who discovered it and possibly copied??? How could i suggest such a thing? Check my page and you'll see:)
As it's all in the name of a good cause, great job to anyone who copies.


Tiny Coconut

I've hit the bottom of my own resources for contributing towards this catastrophe, so I'm thrilled to find new and innovative ways to do something. Great idea. You are both to be commended.

In other words, HI! I sent me! ;-) BTW, I'm a huge SC&A fan, so it makes me even more happy to be part of this.



Very cool idea. Hats off to the 3 docs.


Wonderful idea. I'm happy to help out. :)


Please let everyone know, I had it installed as a permanent feauture on my site when i had it redesigned - It is the top side heading called Flirt Gives and I had it purposely put there to try and give something back to people less fortunate than I - I also wanted to have apurpose behind my blog and thought that might be something useful to come out of it - I set my commenting for charity day for 31 Jan, just because, unlike yourself, I unfortunately do not get a ton of traffic and wanted to give visitors plenty of time to spread the word - so I maybe donate $100 instead of $10:)

Anyway - Please send people over for my good cause and yes, I guess great minds and great legs (as it appears we both have both!!) do think alike



While I was pondering what a good idea this is and how you're just the right person to do this kind of thing, I had a thought.

What if some of your faithful readers linked to this entry on their own sites and made a pledge that for each of their readers who comes here and leaves a comment for you, such as "Hi, Maura sent me!" to let you know where they came from, they would also contribute a dollar to your fund? Kind of like a payback for all the nice people you send to our blogs through your blogroll and the comment game, and doubling the impact.

So, hey, that's what I'm doing! :-)

the seeker

Brilliant idea. I applaud you for this effort.


Hi Michele. I will be sure to send people your way.


This is so kind of you (and the others doing it.)

Have a wonderful week...


Oh, I forgot to say Tricia over at Magickal Musings sent me.


I will be happy to send people your way. Until now, because of my little family's limited resources the best thing I could offer are some links to charities on my blog specifically set up for this and my prayers. Kudos to you Michelle, and thank you SC&A for such a generous and thoughtful effort.


One more dollar


I am happy to help in this effort, Michele. I think it's a wonderful idea.


cool thing to do!


I like and respect you and those boys better every day...


De-lurking for a good cause. It has never felt better.
Michele, you're damn great!


I popped over from Magickal Musings. This is an awesome idea!



ms mac

Surfed in through Blog Explosion. You're doing a good thing here!


Hi. Amber sent me...

Dave Diamond

Michele, this is really generous, and the greatest idea since Norman invented sliced bread. (I just love that!) I hope a few of my friends will stop by and say hello today!


Here I am....

petite anglaise

Hi Michelle, SC&A sent me!


Amber sent me, and I shall be plugging this on my own blog.


Great idea , thanks for popping into my blog.
No-one sent me - I just get around ;)
What a great idea, voted for you heaps today.


Amber sent me!


Great move, Michele -- not to break your bank, but I hope you get tons more comments today!


Hi, Thats a really brilliant thing to do, Great blog btw. Hugs


What a generous thing to do. I'll be sure to send people your way from my site as well. You know, for all the bad rap bloggers get for being "frivilous" et al., I guess this proves that nothing could be farther from the truth. You rock!


Hi, great idea, Dave diamond sent me


What an excellent idea! chatiry/Katherine sent me, I'm going to spread the word!



Greetings from Dave Diamond! Thanks for doing this...

Willful Expose'

SC&A, thanks so much.


hey here. that's a great idea. blessings!

Ric The Schmuck

It's all Solonors fault. He sent me. :)
Great idea. Keep up the good work.


I just blogged about this myself, although I donated before the commenting game began. That doesn't mean I still can't comment!:)


Cool idea! :-) Actually, you know I'm a regular reader, but because of the way bloglines works, I read about this from Amber first! So I'm not sure if she sent me or not, but I am here lol!

I'm another one who can't really afford to make personal donations (what I earn in the winter has to help me support myself over the summer...) but I have stuck some ads up over on my blog and if people click on them, the amount raised will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee... an "umbrella" fund in the UK that covers Oxfam, the Red Cross etc.


Hello Michele, One more dollar!! Just wanted to stop by and say "HELLO". Cosmogrrl sent me. I don't even feel a bit disloyal for posting here either, because she made me feel guilty enough to post on her blog the other day!!


Great idea! We've already made one donation, but have been considering another, so I've linked to this on my site and am donating for my commenters, too.


My sister the Bluegrass Mama sent me.

In addition to running up Michele's pledge commitment, have YOU *directly* contributed to relief efforts?


(Yes, we did, we did via Care USA ~ 10 days ago.)


Hey, Michele, Dave Diamond sent me over her to pick one more dollar out of your pocket for Oxfam! Raising money for Oxfam is another one of the lovely things about you!

p.s. I've already made my personal donation.


Got here via Amber (this time...!)


Hi Michele, I was just linking back to you and I noticed that your link to Oxfam doesn't work. Put "www" in front of oxfam and it will get to the right page. And yes, this counts aas a comment!


Hello Michele.
I gave to Doctors without Borders and Samaritan's Purse. It's the least I can do, as I am unable to go and help these people. Actually, even though I lived in hurricane country for 15 years, I have never seen this type of devastation from mother nature in my life.As I put on my blog "We are all one child spinning through Father Sky."


SC&A sent me here and I'm glad they did! Great idea Michele!!!

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