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December 04, 2004



I, too, might qualify for a book snob. As such, I highly recommend Kite Runner to you. It's fabulous. Best book of 2004 in my mind.

At any rate, I also have a little corner in my living room that is perfect for reading. A loveseat, a reading lamp, and a coffee table tucked away from the rest of the room and lined with bookshelves. Unfortunately, while it's my favorite, I'd say I do 90% of my reading in bed before bed. Sad to say, if I'm downstairs, I'm either at the computer or doing chores.


I read at any time and at any place. I don't need an excuse to read either. Eclectic adequately describes my literary tastes. I savor tomes od asundry flavors. :)


Read "Oxymoronica" by Dr. Mardy Grothe! Excellent book that stirs up the gray matter! :)


I have books on the bed that I'm reading. I even sleep with them at night. :) I also have a notebook that I use to write notes to myself about what I'm reading.


It's not so much where I read,...but more like what I wear when I read. I like to put on my pajamas, or sweats with some soft fuzzy socks. All comfy and warm I can read for hours!


God I hate book snobs. Who gives people the right to decide that what one reads is crap? I read for enjoyment and not so I can tell everyone that I read so and so book to make me look intelligent so my peers can stroke my ego. I'm never without a book and read anywhere I can catch a couple of moments to absorb some enjoyment. But thats just my opinion. Each to their own.

La Nina

I find that a lounge chair in Bermuda is the best place to lie out with a bit of D.H. Lawrence... :)


Anywhere, anytime, but I do like the platform rocker in my family room. Like your spot, it has a good lamp and a table for my tea. And on a really perfect day, there's a fire in the fireplace and my cat comes to curl up in my lap. Can't say I'm really a book snob, but if I don't like the first few pages, I don't waste my time on the rest of a book.


Any time, any place.

I can do the snob book or the People magazine or the back of the cereal box.


Oh books my favorite thing to talk about. I'll read anywhere I can but my favorite place to read is in bed. Beside me is my nightstand with pen and paper ready to make notations and I have a basket full of bookmarks.
I tend to be a book snob at times but for comfort reading I love mysteries, fashion magazines and the occasional chick-lit.


I am unabashed in my enjoyment of brain candy. I did four years in college of English and American Lit and Poli Sci and I'm afraid that pretty much burned me out on reading "serious" books ever again. Besides, I have to read technical specs all the time at work and that's enough deep thought for me.

As to where I read, where don't I read? In the car, in bed, on the balcony, on the couch...if the urge strikes me and I have the book of the moment handy, I'm off.


Toilet.....currently Kate's romance novel.

Hey the kids require me to hide!


On the couch, Friday evenings, when my husband is bowling and the two girls are asleep. I like your booklist btw. I'm going to start one for 2005. I finally have the time to rediscover books and I've been a reading machine!


I obviously love to read, but barely find the time to read the materials that I enjoy most. Most of my time is reading or rereading the novels that I must teach for literature. Then I spend the 180 school days reading essays in a variety of skills and on a variety of topics.

Summer is generally my time and usually on the bow of our boat while anchored. Water lapping at the sides and a setting sun is generally the best venue to read any type of book. If the book stinks, I always ahve the view.


Anytime, anyplace, anything.


On the floor. Any floor. Any book, any time. Words in a row, that's all I ask.


I'm an anytime, anywhere type of gal, but my favourite place is snuggled up in bed (especially when it's cold and miserable and rainy outside), a mug of freshly brewed coffee and some chocolate for company.


I'm eclectic in my reading tastes and love to read in bed, chairs, sofas,indoors, outdoors. Oh dear! anywhere at all. I'm helplessly and hopelessly addicted to reading.


How embarrassing! I thought the booksnob of the month membership was real, and I was going to ask you how to join... :blush:


I love reading. I'm very particular, however. However again, my particularness varies according to my mood. Right now I'm addicted to anything written by Jasper Fforde. I do love a good read that assumes you have a background of other good reads. . . . . And I also love a good read that's maybe a bit on the smartass side. (Mostly I read Young Adult books because that's what I teach right now; I love them, they're AWESOME.) But Jasper Fforde really rings my bells right now. Insane cerebral fun. OH, I usually read at the kitchen table. It has the best window view in the house and it's handy to the 'fridge. If I read in a comfy chair, I fall asleep.


I agree with Mamacita on the Jasper Fforde reads. I love reading lots of thing, big variety (hey, writer here), and can read just about anywhere, but my favorite spot is a new corner tucked into my office. A big comfy chair, wall-to-wall bookshelves surrounding the room, a perfect lamp, a table next to me for the diet coke, and French doors to close so no one can sneak up on me and scare the bejesus out of me while I'm deep in the book.


curled up in a sofa. with the kitchen less than 4 steps away. and the phone less than a hand away.
minimum effort in interruption (!), maximum comfort.
god save the person who does disturb though. i think i once killed myself off in the middle of 'the bourne supremacy'.
any place any time if the mood hits.
and it last hit about 21 years ago..

Dave Diamond

Your reading place sounds really great. I don't have anything comfortable to sit on in my house, unless you count the dogs. And truth be told, that really isn't that comfortable. We have this dumb Italian couch that fit our last house, which was a new, large, cold mansion. We tried to sell the couch, but for some reason nobody would buy it. Maybe I should have let someone else write up the description. "Anybody want a dumb Italian couch that really isn't all that comfortable?" just isn't working. p.s. does anybody need a couch? Where's the scotch?


I'll read just about anywhere, but my two favourite spots are in bed or in the bath. Many times I find myself sitting in a tub of cold water, having been so engrossed in my book that I didn't notice that the water had totally cooled down. Not so good.

I have also been caught reading while standing in the shower. The trick is to keep the water off the book - master that, and shower reading can be quite enjoyable. :)


Definitely my back yard patio with a good cup o' joe and cali shades... a slice of heaven.


I feel like I'm not going to be included in the book snob club by saying the john, but if it helps, I almost rarely ever read blogs there. And only occasionally comment.


Bed. Plain and simple. :)


I love reading chicklit in bed before I go to sleep.


Anywhere, anytime I possibly can...current "must read" recommendation:"Oryx and Crake," by Margaret Atwood...if you read "The Handmaid's Tale," this one (about a genetically engineered world gone bad) will scare you even sillier ... because it is oh so (even more!) possible!


As long as I have a book, location doesn't matter.


I have phases where I can read anything anywhere and other times when I am very picky.(like now!)


The bathtub - the first day of the month that all the new magazines come out.


My current favorite reading spots are my big comfy chair/ottoman next to the fireplace, with a good reading light, a small table for my cup of tea, a down "lap duvet" and our cat Lyra in my lap, or in bed with flannel sheets, lots of pillows, and cats curled up under the covers.
My favorite out-of-season reading spot is the hammock on our front porch, with late afternoon sun streaming in and a cold soda on the porch rail.


Reading...Why the bathroom, of course!

Outside the bathroom, Im reading a lot on Lincoln, the South and the Civil War.

Sue me, I like conflict.


I disagree that there are only two groups -- I like snobby books that are mind challenging.. and chick lit thrown in for distraction in between! :D
From my bedside table recently, I recommend The Devil & The White City and Green Grass Grace.

Misha Tch.

I've been playing with the idea of sticky notes for about a week now. You've jsut suggested another possible use for them. What I am thinking to use them for is jotting down ideas and street impressions for my Coffee Talk, then posting them on the wall behind my computer so that I would always have a bank of fresh ideas.

I am also thinking of graduating to writing short stories. Post-its should be great for that too.

One more thing, let me compliment you on the great blog design. How do people get those? Did you have it designed professionally? It doesn't look like one of the standards templates...


I'm very much a booksnob. I never judge a book by its cover, but I often judge people by their books. That said, I love being proven wrong.

I'll read anywhere, but these days I tend to do most of my reading in bed.

I actually miss the days, the few months, when I had a 55-minute busride to work (and then home again). I got through many books I'd had difficulty getting into — I couldn't swap it for something else on my shelf, and I'd be damned if I was just going to stare blankly at the floor for teh next 50 minutes.

I have trouble understanding people who read while walking though. I used to do that as a 7-year-old, reading Nancy Drew — I was always late for school and got in trouble often enough to curb the tendency. As a grown-up, I think you've got to be more assertive — read, or don't, or get to where you're going and then crack it open. Except when it's work, and you're reading a memo or report between offices. But you can't enjoy a good book that way, can you?


Though I read pretty much anywhere, my favorite readings spots are...
1) In the reclining chair near the window in my living room
2) Over a few Americanos at my fave coffee shop, Perugino


That sounds like such a comfortable spot!

The perfect reading spots for me are:
a) at the right corner of our loveseat, near the airconditioner
b) outdoors in one of the Starbucks shops here

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