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October 10, 2004



I love this one - I linked it up on mine.


I love doing these quizzes. I was a hybrid of Progressive Girl and Indie Girl.


I'm a mix of Academic Girl, Progressive Girl and Girl Next Door. Sounds about right.


They missed a few of your many other wonderful sides

Deb OldMoviesManiac

I'm Gourmet Girl - LOL. Can you believe the quiz picked up on my ability to make everything about food?

Rachael Ashley Blood

i like this boy and he said he loves me but i dont think he is telling the trust and i wrote him a note and he said he couldnt hang out with me this friday because he has people comeing over this friday but i ask him if he would like to hang out anytime... Like 5 days ago he toughed my leg and everything???So How can i tell if he likes me? He acts like he likes this girl in my gym class but he does walk by me???So how can i tell if he likes me when he acts like he likes ever girl in school???

From Rachael Ashley Blood.....

Ps: What should i do???

Email Me Back at .... and pretty please tell me what i can and should do...???

Cup Cake Babe

Well if he said he likd you then thats good i just call him and then talk to him and even after he hangs up call him the nexted day like call him on a friday and say "OMG im so bored theres nobody to hang out with" then be like so what you doin tonite and if he says nothing say haha well wanna come over? and im sure he will say yes haha i went through the same thing a while ago and the boy is starting to call me ask if he can come over haha and he is my X bf

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